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Sara Thurman
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#1 Bestselling Author, Creative Educator,
Mentor, Artist & Inspiring Speaker

Sara's Mission

It All Started With A Dream

Sara has a heart of encouragement and intercession to release the hope, light, and love of Jesus to others. Writing books and teaching classes about hearing God’s voice and holding retreats to help others hear God’s voice in the creative process is now one of her life’s purposes.

Sara Thurman

Meet Sara

Sara Coston Thurman loves to create. Whether she's writing, painting, teaching, or gardening, she finds immense joy in bringing beauty into the world. Sara is a fellow Texan living with her toy poodle, Selah, in Wimberley. There she encourages others to pursue their creative dreams and tell the goodness of God all over the world. Sara has written several books on a variety of topics, from following God's calling in her artistic life to children's stories and journals.

Sara Thurman
Sara Thurman


Acts 1:8 Blessings birthed from my impossible dream of selling my artwork to help people in need all over the world. Since the inception of Acts 1:8 Blessings in January 2017, I have painted over 2,000 paintings and sold over 1,500 paintings. In early 2019, Acts 1:8 Blessings expanded to an educational stream of classes, retreats, one-on-one mentoring and open studio time.

Sara Thurman


Sara is a #1 bestselling author, inspiring speaker, and woman of faith. Her natural ability to connect and share with her audiences brings forward her calming approach to life and her transformative expertise. She merges faith, energy, and enthusiasm to empower, and encourage any audience. Learn more now about how to feature Sara’s books, interview Sara, or invite Sara to speak at your event.

Sara Thurman


Sara has written multiple #1 bestselling books: Small Beginnings: A Journey to the Impossible, her memoir of becoming a prominent artist in her late 50's with no previous art experience, encouraging others to take the first steps for their small beginnings, along with an accompanying journal.


Her book Reflecting on Grief and Moving Beyond Pain: Living with Loss and Discovering New Meaning presents journal entries and reflections of the first 100 days after her husband passed from this earthly life into eternity. Sara also offers an accompanying journal so the readers can work on their grief journey with her guidance. 


Using her childhood memories of God's goodness on a Texas ranch in 2021, she wrote and illustrated her first children's book, How Good Can God Be?: A Story about a Little Girl and her Daddy, an inspiring book for all humans who want to feel the universal emotion of love and shows the example of a loving earthly father to his daughter through the growth stages of life, as a reflection of our loving and kind heavenly Father, God. 


27,000 Miles in Love: An Epic Marriage Story Guided by Faith Leaving a Legacy recounts a vulnerable story of a husband and wife who had a difficult journey with infertility, bankruptcy, and financial struggles and will encourage you to focus on clear communication by taking a daily walk. Sara also provides suggestions to improve your relationship for that season of your marriage, which will increase respect and honor in your marriage in ways you never imagined. 

Continuing in her Children's books endeavors, Sara is now publishing Give Me Some Baby Grins: A Story about a Dad and His Sons, the second book in the How Good Can God Be series, presenting the Giggles, Encouragement, and Words of Blessings Along the Way and based on the stories the Thurman family had throughout the years.

Sara Thurman


Creating to Bring Heaven to The Ends of The Earth

Sara Thurman has been practicing her calling of becoming an artist for God since she heard His clear call in October 2014. This surprised her, as she had never taken an art class or considered herself an artist. Since then, she has painted and sold over 1,500 paintings! Although she formally retired from teaching and working as an administrator in the public school system, she continues to share her passion because she loves experiencing God with others.

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