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Are you Martha or are you Mary?

Do you know what I realized this year?

I was trying so hard to be a Martha that I forgot it's okay to be a Mary.

I know you know the story; Martha is running around serving while Mary sits at Jesus' feet.

Finally, Martha becomes so frustrated that Mary isn't helping her, and Jesus says that Mary chose the good part.

So how does that apply to us?

It's so easy for us to get caught up in life and our busy schedules that we forget how important rest is.

We forget how important it is to be still.

Only in those moments can we truly connect to our creator...

When we pause and listen for Him.

My word for 2023 is REST!

It's so important to let go of the busyness of everyday life to connect more deeply with Jesus.

When you gather your heart and soul as you sit in unity with scripture, writing, and painting - hearing His voice anew as you explore the many facets of His goodness through creative expression.

That is when your creativity will bloom...

That is when you will be refreshed...

That is when you will experience the love of God in a new and fresh way.

Today my challenge to you is for you to find a way to REST in Him.

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